Monday, October 06, 2008

Last of the Pier - fantasy Black channel

Wow this band... every time I put this album on I just want to spin around the room in mental way singing my head off (although some of the songs don't have words just create fantastic pictures...)  I guess if I had to describe the sound it would be a mash of voice and plastic, muzak and laughter, pathos and inebriation, the headlong crash of youth discovering it has no boundaries 'cept itself.  All the usual cliches LOL.  I found it after the fire at Weston pier which kind of made sense to the name.... 'Space and the Woods' -  favourite things condensed into sound with (trying to be profound) lyrics (got to love the pretentiousness of youth) 'I know they don't owe me anything not after what I've done'... but what crime is that except to make a superb album?  'Heartbeat' another stunner despite the lack of actual lyrics.  getting work up a treat 'a heartbeat a flicker a line' but does it mean except on a machine (it's just a line after all)?  I feel them crawl into the cables... saving the best till last a magnificent stomp along this 'bathroom gurgle' ... it could mean so many things... the gurgle of water, the gurgle as blood is drawn... hey come on they put these thoughts in my head!  "we have all been wasting our time" don't worry guys it's just false modesty...

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