Friday, January 23, 2009

Magic Magic

A band and an album of the same name, Magic Magic are obscure characters being almost impossible to locate on the 'net and with their album only available from Rough Trade (I had the fortune to visit the Rough Trade East shop recently and it was well worth a visit, although my bank account would not agree).  This was one of my attempts to buy an album on the strength of the review alone (I did this with Interpol and it worked very well) - a gushing review in the Sunday Times singing the praises of these young men from the US who have two drummers and use banjos and sing whimsical songs about jellyfish, alongside a picture of them covered in what looked like blood but could be strawberry jelly.  I think it was the picture that enticed me, after all it suggested they would either be very twisted or quirky.  It turns out that Magic Magic are more quirky than twisted after all, their lyrics describing fantastical scenarios sung in a childlike and naive fashion, very sweet in fact but without being cloying.  It took me a couple of listens to get into it properly as it is far more folk orientated than the post-punk fest I have had of late.  Now I love it and will urge everyone I know to rush to Rough Trade and purchase a copy!

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